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“Since the State of the Nation Address is approaching, what do you think is the real state of the nation?”

“Maraming kailangan ayusin with regard to governance and extra-judicial issues because of the previous administration.”

- Carissa Mae Almazan (III AB Comm)

“We need to fix a lot of things. The usual expectation is to start with the financial side, the economical side, but the more crucial aspect of becoming a better nation is to have discipline. I guess that’s what we need to work on.”

- Jose Arnulfo Batac (Director for Facilities Management)

“We have to look for solutions regarding education because we lack so many things for that sector, yet the government [allots] so much money [for] it. It’s...concrete evidence that corruption is really existent within the authorities.”

- Robert Aldrin Ortiz (III-AB MEco)

“Mahirap kasing mag-focus sa isang sector. For me...the real problem is marginalization. People are being marginalized, people are being discriminated against. The people are not given opportunities. [Other issues are] only symptomatic of the original situation, which is marginalization. Kaya ako hopeful sa current administration, kasi it is trying its best to consult with the class rules... na pantay-pantay tayong lahat. So I think it [the administration] is trying to address marginalization.”

-Jope Guevara, Instructor, Philosophy Department

I think the Philippines [has] pretty much sunk in corruption and debt, since some people in influential positions can’t overcome their selfish desires. Nonetheless, I do think that the majority of Filipinos are good people. I just hope that that that majority can learn to say “No, I’m not taking that lying down” every once in a while, for a start.

-Michael Abaño (IV BS Mgt)

“On the upside, we’re wang-wang-less!”

-Joseph Emmanuel Garcia (IV AB Eu)

“I think a lot of us have lowered our expectations of the new government, but still remain hopeful to an extent, that the next six years will be better for us all.”

-Pacita Carmela Graciana Sunio (IV AB Comm)

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