Alejo, Albiento to face off in presidential polls

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ASL fields most candidates for other posts

SANGGUNIAN VICE President Gio Alejo (III BS HSc) and School of Social Sciences (SOSS) Junior Central Board (CB) Representative Moses Albiento (III AB SoS) are set to face off in the upcoming Sanggunian General Elections, as the two prepare to wage a battle for the presidency.

Meanwhile, the vice presidential race will feature a three-way showdown between Sanggunian Secretary-General Ian Agatep (III AB DS), SOSS Sophomore CB Rep Dan Remo (II AB Hi) and Development Studies Junior Course Representative Jed Llanes (III AB DS).

Sanggunian Department of Internal Affairs Chair Billie Dumaliang (II BS Mgt-H) and Matanglawin Finance Officer Marvin Lagonera (II AB PoS MPM/AB Eco-H) will run against each other in the race for finance officer, while School of Science and Engineering (SOSE) Sophomore CB Rep Cate Sison (II BS/M AMF) will run as the lone candidate for secretary-general.

Alejo, Albiento, Agatep, Llanes, Remo, Dumaliang and Sison are all running independently, though some of them maintain partisan affiliations. Lagonera is officially running under the banner of the Christian Union for Socialist and Democratic Advancement (Crusada).

The official list of candidates was released yesterday by the Ateneo Commission on Elections (Comelec). Llanes has clarified that he is not running with Crusada, contrary to the information on the list. He also said that he and Crusada have already notified Comelec of the mistake.

Most candidates from ASL

The Alliance of Student Leaders (ASL) is fielding the most number of candidates, with 98 contenders declaring affiliation to the coalition. Reflecting ASL’s past domination in the John Gokongwei School of Management (SOM), 55 of ASL’s 98 candidates are running for positions in the said school. ASL is also fielding 31 candidates in SOSE and 12 candidates in SOSS.

Crusada, the only accredited political party among the three political formations, is fielding a total of 9 candidates: six candidates in SOSS, one each in SOM and SOSE, and Lagonera.

Meanwhile, 62 candidates are running with the fledgling political party, the Movement for Ignatian Initiative and Transformative Empowerment (Ignite). Thirty-three of Ignite’s candidates are running for positions in the School of Humanities (SOH)—out of 34 total candidates in the school. Ignite is also fielding 19 candidates in SOSS, six in SOM and four in SOSE.

Twenty-three candidates are running independently.

Race per school

ASL candidates Tata Babaran (III BS MIS) and Fara Supetran (III BS CTM), and Crusada candidate Toni Potenciano (III AB Comm), are all running unopposed for the position of school chair in their respective schools, SOSE, SOM and SOSS. The contest for the chairmanship in SOH is between Ignite candidate Jiggy Villamin (III AB IS) and independent candidate Gavin Chan (III AB Philo).

In SOH, AJ Elicaño (III AB CW), Felix Mintu (II AB Philo) and Jan Belmonte (I BFA ID) are all running unopposed for CB Rep in their respective years. All three are running with Ignite.

Meanwhile, in SOSE, ASL candidate Nicole dela Cruz (IV BS Ch MSE) and independent candidate Barce Barcelon (II BS HSc) are running unopposed for senior and junior CB Reps, respectively. Philippe Bitong (I BS/M AMF) of ASL and Greg German (I BS MIS) of Crusada will face off for the sophomore representation.

In SOSS, Polo Martinez (I AB Eco) and Gabs Castillo (I BS Psy) will contend to be the sophomore CB Rep, while Louis de Jesus (II AB Eco) and IC San Pedro (III AB/MA PoS) will run as lone candidates in their respective years. Martinez, de Jesus and San Pedro are all running with Crusada, while Castillo is running with ASL.

The SOM race will feature ASL members Alvin Yllana (III BS CTM), Joben Odulio (II BS LM) and Ryan Yu (I BS ME) as unopposed candidates for CB Rep in their respective years.

Initial words

Asked for a short statement regarding his candidacy for president, Alejo said: “I want to build on the things that we have done for the past three years, as well as expand the horizons of Sanggu towards service that is oriented both to its constituents as well as to the communities outside of the Ateneo.”

“I believe that I have the experience, commitment, training and learnings needed to bring Sanggu closer to its full potential,” he said.

For his part, Albiento said, “I guess my participation in the presidential race is something that most people are not expecting. [Alejo and I] are Sanggunian officers this year and I think that my candidacy provides an option for students and for the community, based on our platforms, beliefs and values.”

“To add, this goes to show that running as president of the Sanggunian is open to all who has a vision for the community and its members, regardless of length [of stay] or experience in Sanggunian, as long as that candidate would put the students’ best interests in mind always,” he said.

The elections will take place on February 14 to 17.

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Updated 3:31 PM, January 22, 2012.

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