Francis R. Toledo

Articles published online

Flavorful aesthetics


You open the door and enter the restaurant. Many different elements grab your attention: The color of the walls, the ambient lighting, and even the placement...

Bringing back the bamboo

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As bamboo is a common resource in the Philippines, it has become increasingly played-out. However, with its many advantages, some Filipino enterprises have...

Mindcraft: Exploring the world of mental illness

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From being just light-hearted pixels of bright colors to becoming immersive portals into mental illness, the video game has proven itself to be more than just...

Ground to the finest grade

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In the misty mountain ranges of the Cordilleras, a coffee farmer steps out of his home to greet the crack of dawn. The air is rich with the scent of dew and...

Co-working spaces: Points of productivity

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Welcome to the age of the open office, where quirky facilities and a sense of community replace cubicle boundaries. Co-working spaces make that switch from...