Joma M. Roble

Articles published online

Keeping house

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At the foreground of the campus dorm complex looms a skeletal structure, partially concealed by construction paraphernalia. When viewed from the opposite end...

The matter with memes


A meme is both the picture that is worth a thousand words and the few words that can make a thousand pictures—or not. Like hungry brigands waiting by the...

Mindcraft: Exploring the world of mental illness

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From being just light-hearted pixels of bright colors to becoming immersive portals into mental illness, the video game has proven itself to be more than just...

Framing the Internet

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May it be a photo, a hashtag, or a simple tweet, art has found an audience even outside galleries and museums. Today, art is in a literal arm’s...

Home is where you are


To the Atenean dormer, returning home can be just as much of a journey as leaving. A rollercoaster of emotions is what the last few weeks of a semester...