Kayla T. Cadenas

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The solution is child’s play


The apparent antidote for drifting focus is the latest trendy item in every other person’s hand. Somewhere in the confines of a college campus, a...

Business casual


Sam Tangco and Tamika Santos show how far loving what you do and who you do it with gets you. Tamika Santos, a management engineering junior, arrives just...

Bringing back the bamboo

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As bamboo is a common resource in the Philippines, it has become increasingly played-out. However, with its many advantages, some Filipino enterprises have...

Home is where you are


To the Atenean dormer, returning home can be just as much of a journey as leaving. A rollercoaster of emotions is what the last few weeks of a semester...

Serving outside the lines

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Just when we thought our beloved JSEC stalls have left us after a whole year of satisfying our cravings, we find them flourishing outside university borders,...