Ria E. Roldan

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When art fights back


In the iconic photo by Raffy Lerma, a woman clad in her house clothes cradles the bloody and lifeless body of her husband on a pavement, and a crime scene tape...

Dubbing diorama


It's a story everyone has seen before: A poor girl from a struggling family has a lot of heart, but not enough money. Across town, a cold-hearted boy has...

Passing the plate


Imagine a warm, steaming plate of adobo and a heaping serving of soft, fluffy rice. This comforting image will probably be accompanied by the familiar walls of...

Gathering grounds


The culture of collecting has evolved through the years such that today, it exists in a way that benefits the collector emotionally, economically, and...

Business casual


Sam Tangco and Tamika Santos show how far loving what you do and who you do it with gets you. Tamika Santos, a management engineering junior, arrives just...

On unholy unions

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Carlos* was employed for five months in 2013. In 2014, he worked as a bagger in a mall for another five months until he had to look for a job again. He became...