Samantha C. Ledesma

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Reminiscent rhythms

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Don’t be too quick to judge that curiously familiar hook from a new song. More than just borrowing, music sampling brings a lot more creativity to the table...

Making ripples: 2016’s Atenean game-changers

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As we ring in 2017, we’re invited to take another look at the gems of the recent year, particularly those that came in the form of Atenean individuals...

A millennial milieu of fashion


Within the hectic, ever-changing world of the new millennium, versatility and comfort has ushered the revival of many past trends that have now become vogue in...

Beyond the bedtime stories


The whispered suggestions of manananggals when one hears a mysterious noise during camping trips or sleepovers shows the extent to which Philippine mythology...

Narratives in transition


From the close-ups of pale pink stockings and ruffles against Eddie Redmayne’s figure to shots of vibrant parties composed of elegant gowns and graceful...

The event horizon


It was only last December 2015 when the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens shook the entire science fiction (sci-fi) universe with waves of...