Tobiel W. Dave

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Policing profanity

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“Judge me by my values, not my cursing,” argued President Rodrigo Duterte for what seems like the umpteenth time since he has been criticized for his foul...

Chronicling legacies


Since time immemorial, humanity has possessed an inherent desire to leave a mark in society. The earliest cavemen left their marks on literal stone and...

Dubbing diorama


It's a story everyone has seen before: A poor girl from a struggling family has a lot of heart, but not enough money. Across town, a cold-hearted boy has...

The solution is child’s play


The apparent antidote for drifting focus is the latest trendy item in every other person’s hand. Somewhere in the confines of a college campus, a...

MBTI and the zodiac: Self-expression or stereotyping?


Personality tests and horoscopes have been around for a long time, but they have now evolved into a singular language of identification and empathy. As a...